Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7x7 remix: July

Sorry guys for being so late but I have a very good reason :D I saw a pair of short in Burda magazine and I've been working on them since my last post :) Tomorrow they will be introduced :))

So let's get down to business: here is the 7x7 remix hosted by Natalia from Ma nouvelle mode. I actually ended up with 10 outfits but I chose my favourite 7 to present and we'll go quick through the other 3.

Here are my 7 pieces, and no, I didn't cheat. The grey blouse with eyelets comes with a slip. You can't wear it without it.

And here are my 7 favourites.

Outfit no.1

Skirt handmade, blouse from my mother, bracelets from mother, necklace from aunt, belt I don't know :), shoes "no name".

Outfit no.2

Jeans from mom, tee and bracelet from mother-in-law, snickers "no name".

Outfit no.3

Skirt handmade, blouse and bracelet from mother-in-law, belt from random pants I didn't like (but I kept the belt :D ), snickers "no name".

Outfit no.4

Blouse and bracelet from mother-in-law, belt...I don't know, shoes "no name", pants from aunt.

Outfit no.5

Blouse from mom, pants from aunt, bracelet from mother-in-law, shoes "no name".

Outfit no.6

Pants and necklace from aunt, tee and bracelets from mom, belt I don't know, shoes "no name".

Outfit no.7

Blouse from mom, pants and necklace from aunt, shoes "no name", bracelet handmade.

And now the other 3 outfits:

I like this one too...it's cute and casual

 This, I don't know....what do you think?

Is this working?

And a bonus pic :D

Well, that's it for now. I still have a dress to show, I didn't forget. I will be leaving for a small vacation, at my parents, starting from tomorrow and I will be back home on Monday. I plan to tell you what was in my vacation bag, but I'm not promising anything until Monday :D

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