Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pink "Peace" casual outfit

Sorry for the lack of posts this month but I've had a hell of a month... Now is all ok and I hope hubby will indulge me by taking pictures everyday :D (all I have is him and my phone...)

Here the temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius and rising and I try to keep up with them :)

I wore this outfit last week at work (I like my work place...we don't have a dress code so I can wear what I want) and was really comfortable.

The t-shirt is a present from my aunt (who is coming from Spain on the 23rd this month...yay...I can spend a few days with her), the jeans are from my mother, belt and shoes from random "no name" stores.

And now some news:

  • Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode started yesterday a new 7x7 remix, July edition, and I already picked out the 7 pieces and now I'm waiting for hubby to take the pictures (hopefully in 1 or 2 days I will link up too) and 
  • Audrey from Putting me together has just announced a new link-up for July 30th on one piece, many ways. I can't wait to put my ideas out here...
And the big news is......I finally took pictures of all my clothes to upload on accessories

That's all for today and stay tuned because tomorrow I have a really nice dress to show you.

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