Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Burgundy, white and navy

I just love the burgundy, white and navy combo. It just screams summer to me.
I wore this at work yesterday and I was really comfortable.

All items from my aunt.

And after work it was a quick go home, get changed, out the door for a meeting with some friends.

Excuse the hair and face (after all I was out for drinks :) ). Blouse from mom, shoes from aunt, pants from random store, bag I really don't know where I got it from.

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  1. The burgundy accents really make your first outfit stand out!

  2. Love that first outfit so much, it's just perfect!!! and the second one looks soooo comfy!

    1. Thanks Rene, I like the first outfit more but after a hard day at work I nedded a comfy outfit for drinks with the girls :)

  3. Hi there, Miss Aida! The burgandy and blue are perfect together. It's a hint of fall without being totally there yet. Love it!


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